An Unexpected Honeymoon

By Ken Kostel | September 12, 2018
Muntsa Marti

These last several weeks have been hectic and at the same time very exciting, as they included a wedding (my own, to be precise) and a big move from Barcelona to Falmouth, Massachusetts, where I am now a Postdoctoral Investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). However, I didn’t spend much time in my…

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Video: WHOI’s First Twilight Zone Expedition

By Veronique LaCapra | September 6, 2018

9/6/18 — The ocean twilight zone abounds with life but has remained largely unexplored. A team of researchers led by WHOI acoustic oceanographer Andone Lavery recently returned from the first expedition to explore this fascinating region with fresh “eyes”: a new towed vehicle called the Deep-See.

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Some Heavy Lifting

By Veronique LaCapra | September 5, 2018

9/5/18 — WHOI mechanical engineer Kaitlyn Tradd directs deck operations on the NOAA research vessel Henry B. Bigelow during a recovery of the towed vehicle Deep-See. Tradd helped to develop and build the new 2,500-pound, instrument-laden vehicle, which is designed to be towed behind a ship using a special electro-optical cable that can transmit data…

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What Lives in the Ocean’s Twilight Zone? New Technologies Might Finally Tell Us

By Ken Kostel | August 24, 2018

The sea’s murky depths might host more life than we thought. That’s the preliminary conclusion of scientists who this week completed the inaugural cruise of the Ocean Twilight Zone (OTZ) initiative, a 6-year, $35 million effort that is using innovative technologies—and an unusual funding model—to document the ocean’s mysterious midwater layer.

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Meet 6 Bewitching, Rarely Seen Creatures from the Ocean’s Twilight Zone

By Ken Kostel | August 23, 2018

8/22/2018 — You won’t see these amazing animals on a day at the beach, but they’re there—living in the vast, cold, unexplored midwater region of the ocean. Learn about six of its residents and how they’ve adapted to life in the dark.

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This Twilight Zone is Dark, Watery, and, Yes, Also Full of Intrigue

By Ken Kostel | August 22, 2018

8/20/2018 — Like many kids growing up in the 1960’s, I eagerly anticipated every episode of a black-and-white TV series by Rod Serling, expecting to be surprised, maybe even a little scared, of the mysteries of that 5th dimension he called “The Twilight Zone.”

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Aboard R/V Henry B. Bigelow

By Ken Kostel | August 17, 2018

Images from the first half of the expedition aboard R/V Henry B. Bigelow totest Deep-See and explore the ocean twilight zone.

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Video: Physics and Math for the Real World

By Veronique LaCapra | August 16, 2018

8/16/18 — Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution acoustic oceanographer Andone Lavery and lead scientist for the development of the Deep-See, a new vehicle designed to explore the ocean twilight zone, talks about what drew her to marine science.

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Video: Ocean Twilight Zone Engineer Kaitlyn Tradd

By Danielle Fino | August 9, 2018

8/9/18—Mechanical Engineer Kaitlyn Tradd describes how a day in a WHOI exhibit center changed her life, as she prepares to explore the Ocean Twilight Zone in an unprecedented expedition aboard the R/V Bigelow, starting August 11, 2018.

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Capturing Zooplankton to Test High-Resolution Holographic Camera

By Danielle Fino | August 9, 2018

8/1/18 — WHOI biologist Peter Wiebe (standing, far left) guides guest student Will Scott in casting a net into the test well on the WHOI pier, as physicist Andone Lavery (seated, left), engineering assistant Troy Pettit (far right), and guest student Zhaozhong Zhuang look on. Their goal was to catch tiny animals called zooplankton, in order to…

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