Paul Caiger hunts for things that glow in the Ocean Twilight Zone

Paul Caiger in submersible

Paul Caiger descends to the ocean twilight zone on the OceanX submersible, Nadir, with pilot Alan Scott at the controls. (Photo by © OceanX Media)

Paul Caiger is a fish biologist, marine photographer and postdoctoral investigator at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). A New Zealand native, Caiger was heavily immersed in SCUBA diving culture while working toward his Ph.D. in marine biology and reef fish ecology at the University of Auckland. He came to WHOI as a member of Joel Llopiz’s fisheries lab, where he studies pelagic fish larvae and employs his photographic expertise to put a face to the newest frontier in marine studies, the Ocean Twilight Zone: a deep and mysterious marine stratum that hosts the world’s largest daily animal migration. From the ghoulish grimace of the viperfish, to the bejeweled beauty of the strawberry squid, Caiger’s marine portraits have helped shine a light in this dark but critical ocean zone. Read his full interview here.