How YOU can support the ocean twilight zone

It’s dark. It’s vast. And it’s the domain of countless creatures that are so weird, they seem to be from another world. Because they are. The ocean twilight zone is critical to the health of our planet, but our understanding of it is limited because it’s inhospitable to humans. Our mission is to expand knowledge of the ocean twilight zone and to discover more about the role the creatures and food webs play in our climate. 

Technology is revolutionizing oceanography and providing unprecedented access to the deep ocean. We are using these tools to inform scientific understanding, public action, and policy decisions so the ocean twilight zone remains weird and wonderful for time to come. 

We invite you to get involved and support the ocean twilight zone. Here’s how:

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Take the Keep It Weird Quiz! Are you a strawberry squid, the Mesobot, or an angler fish? Find out and share your results to raise awareness for the ocean twilight zone!

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Love the ocean twilight zone (OTZ)? Shop everything OTZ, and give back to ocean science! All proceeds go to supporting our research. Use the coupon code ‘ocean’ and get 15% off of your first purchase today!

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