A campaign to preserve the next generation of weird

Heidi Sosik

In science, weird is the spark of creativity, the outside-the-box thinking that leads to “Eureka!”.  But in our society, kids as young as five are already learning to think of weird as bad, and by age nine they’ve learned to conform and lock their wonderful, creative weirdness away. So weird needs protecting. That’s true for kids. It’s true for adults. And it’s true for the bizarre and beautiful world of the ocean twilight zone—the weirdest place on Earth!

~Heidi Sosik, Lead Scientist and Biologist

Discover your weird

Let the weird creatures of the OTZ help you discover the weird within you.

Showcase your weird

Wear or display the odd creatures found in the ocean twilight zone and raise awareness.

Weird Science


How YOU can support the ocean twilight zone

About the Ocean Twilight Zone project

We have embarked on a bold new journey to explore one of our planet’s final frontiers—the ocean twilight zone, a vast, remote part of the ocean shrouded in mystery and teeming with life. Our goal is to rapidly explore, discover, and understand the twilight zone and to share our knowledge in ways that support sustainable use of marine resources for the health of our ocean and our planet. LEARN MORE...