Ocean Twilight Zone Publications and Reports


Value Beyond View: Illuminating the Human Benefits of the Ocean Twilight Zone

Hoagland, Porter; Jin, Di; Holland, Michael; Kostel, Ken; Taylor, Eric; Renier, Natalie; Holmes, Mark. Published January 2019.

Environmental DNA shedding and decay rates from diverse animal forms and thermal regimes

Elizabeth Andruszkiewicz Allan, Weifeng Gordon Zhang, Andone Lavery, Annette Govindarajan. Published September, 2020 in Environmental DNA.

Frequency- and depth- dependent target strength measurements of individual mesopelagic scatterers

Christopher Bassett, Andone C. Lavery, Timothy K. Stanton, and Emma DeWitt Cotter. Published August, 2020 in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Metrics that matter for assessing the ocean biological carbon pump

Ken O. Buesseler, Philip W. Boyd, Erin E. Black, and David A. Siegel. Published May 2020 in PNAS.

The oceans’ twilight zone must be studied now, before it is too late

Adrian Martin, Philip Boyd, Ken Buesseler, Ivona Cetinic, Hervé Claustre, Sari Giering, Stephanie Henson, Xabier Irigoien, Iris Kriest, Laurent Memery, Carol Robinson, Grace Saba, Richard Sanders, David Siegel, María Villa-Alfageme & Lionel Guidi. Published March 2020 in Nature. 

The value of scientific research on the ocean's biological carbon pump

Di Jin, Porter Hoagland, and Ken Buesseler. Published December 2020 in Science of The Total Environment.

Mesoscale eddies release pelagic sharks from thermal constraints to foraging in the ocean twilight zone

Camrin D. Braun, Peter Gaube, Tane H. Sinclair-Taylor, Gregory B. Skomal, and Simon R. Thorrold. Published August 2019 in PNAS.

Annual Reports

2020 Ocean Twilight Zone Annual Report

In the first two years of the Ocean Twilight Zone project, we formed a core, multi-disciplinary team of 12 scientists and developed an integrated work plan aligned with the project’s phase one theme: “initiate, accelerate, and engage.”

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2019 Ocean Twilight Zone Annual Report

We have embarked on a bold new journey to explore one of our planet’s final frontiers—the ocean twilight zone, a vast, remote part of the ocean teeming with life, which remains shrouded in mystery.

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Quarterly Reports