Mesobot aboard Nautilus

Mission Overview

Mesobot joins the hybrid remotely operated vehicle Nereid Under Ice for a technology demonstration aboard E/V Nautilus funded by NOAA’s Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute.

Nautilus will explore how new technology like Mesobot can explore new hypotheses about the twilight zone. Mesobot will be outfitted with a high-sensitivity radiometer and high-volume eDNA sampler to explore how life in the twilight zone is governed by the daily cycles of light and dark.

Mesobot was developed by WHOI, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Stanford University, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and funded by the National Science Foundation and WHOI's Ocean Twilight Zone Project.

Live Events:

Watch an overview of the expedition objectives

Watch a deep-dive into Mesobot and its associated technology with Dana Yoerger, Molly Curran, Allan Adams, and Annette Govindarajan.

Quick Facts

DatesSeptember 23-30, 2021
LocationSanta Monica Basin
ShipE/V Nautilus
Chief ScientistDana Yoerger, Ph.D.
Science QuestionsWhat creatures live in the mesopelagic?
How does light govern their behavior?
TechnologyMesobot, high-sensitivity radiometer (MIT), high-volume eDNA sampler (WHOI, MIT)
PartnersNOAA Ocean Exploration Cooperative Institute
Oceanic Labs
Ocean Exploration Trust