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Keep it weird!

A campaign to bring awareness to the ocean twilight zone and preserve the next generation of weird.

What can eDNA teach us about vertical migration?

Scientists are learning volumes about the twilight zone from a few samples of seawater.

Research vessel Sarmiento de Gamboa at sunset

Dive and Discover

Follow along as we learn about the twilight zone's role in climate and the wonderfully weird creatures that live there

angler fish

Creature Feature: Anglerfish

When it comes to deep-sea weirdness, the Anglerfish takes the crown. Learn why.

Exploring to understand.
Informing to sustain.

History is rife with examples of how humans have squandered natural wealth like that contained in our ocean’s twilight zone. Our project combines exploration and research with policy and broad engagement so that we can make informed, thoughtful choices about our ocean, framed by equitable and sustainable use of this shared resource.



November 9, 2021