OTZ Mission Updates

What's it like to dive into the ocean twilight zone? Climb aboard our research cruises to find out.

Many krill

Creature Feature: Krill

Krill may be small, but their presence in the ocean is mighty. Learn more about these tiny critters' outsize importance.

A Window Into the Twilight Zone

How do we explore this dark and remote part of the ocean? Find out in this documentary from National Geographic.

The $500 Billion Question

What's the dollar value of improving OTZ science? Turns out it has a few more zeros than you might expect.

Exploring to understand.
Informing to sustain.

History is rife with examples of how humans have squandered natural wealth like that contained in our ocean’s twilight zone. Our project combines exploration and research with policy and broad engagement so that we can make informed, thoughtful choices about our ocean, framed by equitable and sustainable use of this shared resource.



February 25, 2021