Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution oceanographer Andone Lavery and her team of scientists and engineers have created the ultimate tool for exploring the largest, least known habitat on Earth—the Ocean Twilight Zone, a layer of the ocean beyond all but the dimmest sunlight. What they find might change our understanding of deep-ocean life. Enter the twilight zone here: https://twilightzone.whoi.edu/

For more on the ocean twilight zone watch: https://youtu.be/Fma6MM359Z0

Written and Directed by Jennifer L. Berglund
Supervising Director and Writer Nick Stringer
Edited by Danielle S. Myers and Jennifer L. Berglund
Narrated by Jackie Mahon
Music and Sound Design by Travis G. Pullman

Chief Scientist, Andone Lavery

Shot on Location aboard The NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow

This film was made possible by a generous grant from The National Geographic Society And supported in part by The Ocean Twilight Zone Project

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