It’s official: the OTZ Project has been formally recognized by the United Nations! We’re now an endorsed project of the U.N. Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development—a designation that will give our scientists wider opportunities to collaborate and an enhanced ability to answer the twilight zone’s biggest mysteries.

As our team gains a deeper scientific understanding of the twilight zone, we will use that information to inform government leaders and decision makers—and inspire policy that protects the zone while still harnessing its resources to address global climate change and food insecurity.

“WHOI’s mission is to advance knowledge of the ocean and its connection to all life on Earth and to apply this knowledge to problems facing society,” said WHOI President and Director Peter de Menocal. “The themes and objectives of the UN Decade of Ocean Science are tailor-made for scientists, engineers, and technicians at WHOI to advance the state of our knowledge in ways that will ensure a long-term, sustainable path for society and a thriving, healthy ocean. For the coming decade and beyond, our goal is to make the ocean more transparent and to turn what we learn into meaningful, actionable information available to all.”