Larry Madin

Marine Biologist

Larry Madin is a marine biologist with history on top of a wealth of knowledge and experience. Early in his career, Madin was fascinated by the elusive gelatinous zooplankton that reside below the surface waters. He photographed and studied them by SCUBA diving—as it was the only way. But his curiosity and drive to learn more about these and other creatures in the twilight zone have pushed for technology development that will allow others to see and observe what he missed—with Mesobot. While easing into retirement, Madin does all he can to contribute to the OTZ project, engaging the team and others with tales of critters who live deeper than light can penetrate.

Research interests:

Biology of oceanic zooplankton; distribution, energetics, and behavior of pelagic tunicates and ctenophores; comparative life history of planktonic animals; hydromechanics of swimming and buoyancy; in situ techniques for zooplankton research; ecology of mesopelagic and benthopelagic communities.