Porter Hoagland

Marine Policy Researcher

As a marine policy researcher, Porter Hoagland examines the governance of marine resources and ecosystems. Hoagland’s dive into the ocean twilight zone is to a new management frontier, one largely unexplored and unregulated. The policy recommendations he makes to institutions such as United Nations agencies hinge upon the scientific findings of the OTZ team: including those relating to biodiversity, abundance, and resilience. By assessing the value of the twilight zone ecosystem, the services and resources it can provide, and by forecasting its sustainability, Hoagland and his colleagues can make the best recommendations for sustainable use.

Research Interests

  • Economics and public policy of marine resources and the ocean environment
  • Optimal management of ocean and coastal resources and their uses
  • Distribution and allocation of property rights in ocean and coastal resources
  • Economic impact of and responses to coastal and ocean natural hazards