Simon Thorrold

Fish Ecologist

Fish ecologist Simon Thorrold uses satellite tags to follow the big fish: sharks, swordfish, tunas, and rays, as they dive deep into the twilight zone to feed. By following the large predatory feeders, Thorrold can learn more about what they’re eating, beyond what we see them feeding on near the surface. He can lead the OTZ team to the productivity hotspots where the fish are feeding where the entire team can deploy their latest technology to sample and observe a complete food chain and quantify carbon transport to the deep. Thorrold’s tracking work is also essential for directing fisheries management policies to protect these big fish.

Research Interests

Fisheries ecology and oceanography; natural isotopic and elemental markers in marine populations; tracing dispersal and migration pathways of marine fish; stable isotope and trace element chemistry of biogenic aragonite.