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Capturing Zooplankton to Test High-Resolution Holographic Camera

8/1/18 — WHOI biologist Peter Wiebe (standing, far left) guides guest student Will Scott in casting a net into the test well on the WHOI pier, as physicist Andone Lavery (seated, left), engineering assistant Troy Pettit (far right), and guest student Zhaozhong Zhuang look on. Their goal was to catch tiny animals called zooplankton, in order to…

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Video: WHOI Biologist Heidi Sosik on the Twilight Zone

 7/30/18—The twilight zone, or mesopelagic, is a region of the ocean between 200 and 1,000 meters (660 to 3,300 feet) depth where very little sunlight reaches, but that is teeming with life. WHOI biologist Heidi Sosik is helping lead WHOI’s efforts to expand our knowledge of the twilight zone and its importance to life…

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Deep-See, Engineering Innovation

7/25/18—Mechanical engineer Kaitlyn Tradd attaches a multibeam sonar to the Deep-See, a new sensor platform that she helped design and build. The platform will weigh almost 1.5 tons once fully loaded with its camera systems, sonar arrays, and environmental sensors. Designed to be towed from a ship via an electro-optical cable, the Deep-See will give…

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